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Post-Pesach: Reframe and Refocus

A poem by Merissa With post-Pesach hope of renewal and rejuvenation, I’d like to give over some dating inspiration, Of how to think deeply, of how to re-frame, How can we re-focus? How can we change, grow and gain? Let’s think of the things that are bogging us down, Creating negativity, despondency, making us frown. Can we approach things with a more positive glow? It’s more easily said than done – but that’s an opportunity to grow. Sometimes we hear ideas but dismiss them out of hand, Perhaps a further look will help us understand. Let's look at decisions that were not quite clear, Did we reject some ideas out of irrational fear? Perhaps it was money that got in the way, Or did the looks in the photo seem only ‘okay’? Maybe the yichus was less than ideal? Or maybe a reference didn’t give over a good feel? Maybe it’s now time to re-think that ‘no’, Many shidduch ideas re-visited ended up the second time 'a go'. Perhaps a refreshed look at the information once more, Will show us the beauty that we missed out on before? With the passage of time, we become more enlightened, Life and experiences build us – our awareness is now heightened. So it’s time for inward looking - to see how we grew, Updating shadchanim and friends about this - hishtadlus to do. With this all in mind, we can re-evaluate, How we are projecting, and how we communicate, Are we genuine, honest, open and warm, Are we relaxed, full of simcha, do we show others our charm? We may have new preferences-or our deal-breakers have changed,

We may be more vulnerable - our thoughts rearranged. Our attitudes may be different - our values clearer, Perhaps that clarity of vision and inward connection has made us dearer? It’s hard to stay strong, to keep up the fight, As we hope in our hearts that the future is bright. We daven for others, and set them up too, But it’s sometimes impossible to know precisely what to do. Let’s attempt a good attitude, and re-evaluate past rejection, Updating our view-points with a new self-projection, We can surely benefit from a new focus ahead, Wishing you all much hatzlacha - hopefully soon to be wed!

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