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Chosson Checklist

Kallah Gifts 

  • Flowers at the proposal 

  • Jewelry of choice for the vort 

  • Large flower arrangement for the vort or a smaller arrangement and a small appliance 

  • Engagement ring 

  • Wedding band 

  • Siddur with her name

  • Machzorim with her name

  • Watch 

  • Candlesticks 

  • Flowers for the shabbos kallah 

  • Flower bouquet for the wedding

  • Jewelry for the cheder yichud of choice 

Gifts can be given throughout the engagement period for shabbos, yom tov, 

birthday,  Purim, and Chanukah.

Gifts to the kallah's family can also be  given for these occasions.


Shadchan fee of 4,500 nis from each side to be paid at the vort.


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