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Chosson Checklist

Kallah Gifts:  

  • Flowers at the proposal 

  • Jewelry of choice for the vort 

  • Large flower arrangement for the vort, or a smaller arrangement and a small appliance 

  • Engagement ring 

  • Wedding band 

  • Personalised siddur 

  • Personalised set of machzorim 

  • Watch 

  • Candlesticks 

  • Flowers for the Shabbos Kallah 

  • Jewelry of choice for the cheder yichud 

Gifts can be given throughout the engagement period, Shabbos, Yom Tov, 

birthday,  Purim, or Chanukah.

Gifts / flowers can also be given to to the kallah's family for these occasions.


*Shadchan fee of 5,000 nis from each side to be paid by the time of the vort.


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