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Kallah Checklist

  • Watch 

  • Silver kiddush cup 

  • Weekday tallis and shabbos tallis with bags (shabbos tallis can be with silver atara if desired)

  • Kittel 

  • Set of Shas (optional)

  • Cuff links (optional)

  • Silver menorah (optional)

  • Esrog box (optional)

  • Gift(s) for the aufruf: fruit platter, chocolate/candy, deli platter, etc.


Gifts can be given throughout the engagement for shabbos, yom tov, birthday, Purim and Chanukah .

Gifts can be also given to the chosson's family for some of the items mentioned above.

Shadchan fee 5,000 nis from each side to be paid at the vort.

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