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"I had heard about Merissa’s matchmaking & coaching through some friends of mine. I was able to hear her speak at my seminary, and recognized right away that she was someone with true yiras shamayim, a zest for life, and a balanced, valuable perspective. Although it was outside of my comfort zone, I made the decision to meet with Merissa. Within a few minutes of initial conversation, it was vividly clear to me that she truly knew my soul. She just got me!" 

Jillian Weiss

"Having met many shadchanim during my seminary year in Israel, I decided at a certain point that Merissa was the only shadchanit I needed! She got me as a person, understood the type of match I was looking for and kept her eyes on the prize when having me in mind. I am overjoyed to say that I just married my soulmate this past year thanks to her understanding, patience and passion for helping singles find their bashert."


Alexis Geffen

"I have known Merissa for a couple of years and have come to deeply trust her intuition and analysis. Working with her is a pleasure! She is empathetic while maintaining honesty when needed. Those skills are invaluable in the world of dating, where it is her job to bridge worlds, to guide and coach. She is always the first person I recommend friends speak to when they start dating!"

Jesse Grodman

Wedding Bouquet

Kenny:  "I can't imagine finding my wife without Merissa's help. Her knack for deeply understanding people, straightforward communication, and devotion to help klal yisroel helped lead me straight to my beshert and I will forever be grateful."


Shani: "Merissa has the unique ability to be professional while maintaining an innate sensitivity and personability to each person in the dating process."


The Wallachs

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"We are both baal teshuva and found the shidduch world to be new and exciting. We felt led, comforted and cared for by Merissa and her team. Every question, advice and mentorship along our journey was helpful, informative and always kind. We are so grateful to Hakadosh Baruch Hu for using Merissa as the shaliach in matching us up! IYH she will continue setting up Klal Yisrael successfully."

The Webers

"B"H, Merissa made 2 shidduchim for my family this year - both for my son & my daughter! She is a pleasure to work with, has a very normal approach & definitely "gets it". She understands the child very well & the parents' needs. In addition to having the appropriate ideas of a spouse for my children, Merissa helped them in navigating the dating process in a way that made the dates enjoyable, minimal pressure & truly helped the relationships to progress in a natural healthy manner which made it so much easier to "close the shidduch" at the correct time."

Yiska Cohen

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