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Helping you on your journey, from successful dating to a healthy & happy marriage

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Helping you  find your Soulmate


Navigate the dating process via pointers & principles


Improve your dating mindset with self awareness & understanding


Make decisions during your dating process with confidence & clarity

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About Merissa Gross

Merissa feels after so many years of experience, success, stories and journeys, that she really wants to give even more to the world of matchmaking. 


So here is a website with resources to help people understand Jewish matchmaking and how to navigate the dating process. 


The content can help inform parents of those dating, people interested in Jewish matchmaking and most importantly, the daters themselves. We hope you enjoy Merissa's pearls of wisdom and guidance!

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Merissa Gross Inc.

If you would like to buy Merissa's online 'Introduction To Dating' video ($50), to prepare yourself for the dating process or 'Online Shadchan Training' workshop ($250),  to give you the skills to run shidduchim yourself

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